Introducing ZLS Porter Solution



What’s ZLS Porter?

Porter is a ZLS service that simplifies package delivery and shipping by allowing you to schedule a delivery or pickup time for your online purchases (or anything else) to your door at your convenience.

Porter for Individuals

Have multiple orders from various merchants? Reduce the delivery appointments by consolidating all to one. Send your orders to our HuB, we will accept on your behalf and you schedule one delivery at your own convenience!


Porter for Retailers

We get your delivery request direct from orders on your website, pick up from you or fulfill from our warehouse, and deliver to the end-user at their own convenience, providing A1 service bringing brand loyalty to you.


Why Use Porter?

7 Days a Week

Delivered to Your Doorstep

At Your Own Convenience

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is ZLS PORTER available?
    ZLS PORTER will be available in Lagos. If you would like this in your city, tell us where to expand to next.
  • How do I ship a package or a return?
    Items for shipping pickup must be packed and taped. Pricing will be based on distance and speed, size, as per individual scheduling request. Use the PORTER service to select the size of the packages to be picked up for shipping and a convenient pickup window as provided.
  • Do you package shipments too?
    Not yet! Items for shipping pickup must be packed, taped.
  • Can I pickup my packages from you?
    Yes, you can. It costs N250 per item from the day of drop off. We will hold it for 7 days after which it will incur an additional cost of N100 per day till you pick it up.
  • Can I track my shipped packages?
    You can track your shipped packages upon request.
  • How do I get started?
    To start, you’ll need to make sure we service your neighborhood. Then you’ll need to go to sign up. After you sign up and select a pricing plan, you'll get your own unique shipping address at our secure warehouses. You can start shipping your online purchases (or anything else) there immediately.
  • How do packages get delivered to me?
    Ship your online purchases (or anything else) to your PORTER Shipping Address including your unique customer number provided at signup (which you can always find in our website). Once we receive your package at our secure warehouse, it gets scanned into our system, and you'll get a notification letting you know that it's ready for delivery scheduling. Go to our website to see your packages that are ready for delivery. Select a delivery window to schedule your package delivery, same day or weeks away. You will get notified once when the driver is on the way, and again when they have arrived at your door.
  • How do I ship a package to someone?
    Pack the item(s) you would like returned in a box and affix a label on it. Go to our website. Tell us the size of the packages being picked up. Use the PORTER Service to select a convenient pickup window as provided. Hand your packed items to your friendly PORTER driver. Your item will be returned back to our HuB where it originated from, once we receive the item it will be scanned back into our system, and the merchant or sender will be contacted for pickup or further delivery. Please be advised to communicate with your sender on who bears the cost of the reversal.